You're loyal and we love it! Join the Fins Family Loyalty Program to earn as you dine, receive promotional discounts, and gain access to exclusive members-only offerings.

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent and receive a $7 discount for every 100 points you redeem.
Free 25pts Just for Signing up


Birthday offers, special offers, and event information are also sent out to those who complete profiles 

See your Fins Group points balance, available rewards, and more.


* No purchase is necessary to join the program. * Only one active mobile number per account. If you do not have a mobile number you may join using a land line and complete your signup online at this website * Only one mobile number can earn points and redeem offers per check. * To join and receive offers and rewards you must complete the sign up and supply the additional information. * You will be rewarded based on the amount of your total purchases in any FHG location * When you reach a specified dollar amount you will receive an offer via text message to use on your next visit.
* You can redeem your offer through your mobile phone. *The offers are non-transferable and must be exchanged for the selected offer.
* Offers/rewards cannot be combined with any other offers. One offer per day can be used. * You earn and track your own points and redeem your offers through your mobile phone or online at this website * Point codes are valid for 48 hours after print time stated on your guest check. *Offers will not be issued on the purchase of gift cards, but if the recipient is a loyalty member, offers will be issued upon gift card redemption. * Offers will not be issued for tips. *Points cannot be earned from off-premise catering events, private events or structured events at the restaurant, points must be earned from dining at restaurant. *The system will automatically lock on holidays and holiday weekends so no offers can be used. *If you have a change in address or any information originally submitted you may go to this website click on Loyalty program and edit your profile to assure you continue to receive all offers and rewards. * FHG reserves the right, at their discretion, to terminate the loyalty program, to change, add to or delete the program rules, terms and conditions, and reward levels, without prior notice at any time.